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07 Feb 2017

The Unadvertised Details Into Machine to Machine

Juan Payne
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  • Having had the opportunity to present and discuss our latest development and later on to personally meet and greet so many potential customers over the course of the day was great. We received very positive feedback from various sources and from our perspective as an exhibitor we are absolutely keen to join the next event this year.
  • It is a pleasure to work with not only professionals, but with people who also have a passion for our challenging environment.
  • Organisation and visiting clientele show a high number of representatives with SIGINT/EW background. This makes this event exclusively attended by customers with knowledge about products in our portfolio contrary to general big defence exhibitions.
  • Thank you very much for an excellent EW GCC 2016 event. As always, I enjoyed the specific opportunities, the guided networking, and of course the strategic discussions. It is my personal opinion that you’ve played a significant part in helping us to establish ourselves as a global player.