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Defence Reports


Defence Reports

Tangent Link in collaboration with Roger McDermott is proud to present a new series of defence reports, which aim to examine in detail the evolution and progress made by Russia’s conventional Armed Forces to pose a challenge to NATO and its partners, as well as its growing interests in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific Region, in the context of the ongoing strain in the international security system stemming from Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

These reports are based upon close examination and analysis of specialist Russian language defence and security materials covering a broad range of issues to offer insight into the extent to which Russia’s military is progressing to develop its 21st century high-technology military capabilities. As such, they are tailored to suit defence companies and organisations with interests in Russia’s future role in the international security system and to keep track of its military modernisation programme. 


Roger N McDermott Roger N McDermott is Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Department of War Studies, King’s College, London and Research Associate, the Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies (MECACS), University of St. Andrews, Scotland. 

He specialises in Russian and Central Asian defence and security issues. His interests in Russia’s defence and security developments are mainly in the areas of defence reform, force structure, training, strategic exercises, military theory, perspectives on future warfare, planning and combat capability and readiness, as well as operational analysis.


Russia's Integrated Air Defence Capabilities

Defence Report #1

Russia's A2/AD Capability

Defence Report #2 - Russia's A2AD Capability

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