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Defence Report #2



DEFENCE REPORTS Moscow’s official statement presented the case that they had constructed a Syria-wide air defence bubble in late 2015, yet in real terms the General Staff understood that there were only a series of ‘bubbles,’ with a more limited aim of protecting Russian assets and forces. Russia’s anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) strategy is generally cast in terms of air defence bubbles using mobile assets, combined with overlapping zonal defence at tactical levels. This is not a product of a deliberate A2/AD policy, despite Russian interest in countering US and NATO ‘power’ on its periphery or against missile defence by asymmetric means. It is inherently linked to other factors at play: military modernization, adopting C4ISR/network-centric capability, strengthening EW and cyber capabilities, and adapting to a threat environment where a sudden strike on Russian C2 seems plausible. These themes unite in the current effort to develop and strengthen A2/AD capability to target enemy C4ISR, and is consistent with well-established efforts to gain and maintain escalation dominance in any future crisis involving a high-technology adversary.

In order to understand these issues from ‘within’ the following report draws upon Russian sources, including interviews with senior officers and a broad range of articles published professional military journals. As a result, this report encapsulates Russian military thinking and discussion on A2/AD, with its linkages to tactical air defence, electronic warfare, and conventional high-precision strike systems and offers insight into how this might evolve in the future. Consequently, this report will be of interest to anyone seeking to better understand the long term trajectory of Russia’ A2/AD capabilities and estimate the level of its advances in this area. It will prove to be an invaluable asset to defence companies in their efforts to work with governments to bridge the gap in redressing the challenge presented by a resurgent Russian military.

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